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baby naming ceremony Give flower saplings as return gift in your baby naming ceremony.

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return gifts for ladies Ladies love flowers and gifting flowering plants would make a perfect choice. Flowering plants such as Jasmine or Mallige, Dasavala or Hibiscus, Kanakambara, Kakada and gardenia would make perfect return gifts. Plants absorb and store carbon dioxide a green house gas responsible for Global Warming. gift saplings and save our planet.

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house warming ceremony gifts Last week I got a plant as return gift in an event of my close friend. They gave me a Gardenia plant put in a paper box. And there was the contact information of the company which made this gift available. Got all the information as different plant varieties available and the delivery options and put an order for 100 jasmine plants for my House warming ceremony. My friends and relatives loved the idea of gifting plants and plants were too good. My mom took three plants and some friends 2 and most of them one plant each. Hope they will send the pics when my jasmine plant starts flowering. Thanks enviro friend for arranging and making these kinds of gifts available.

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Gifts for customers in Shantala wedding Mall Champalal B Dhelaria, MD of Shantala Wedding Mall Davanagere has come up with a great initiative to gift plants to customers come for wedding shopping. Shantala wedding Mall has tied up with Envirofriend to supply plants to gift to customers. It is a great initiative by Mr.Champalal. They gift beautiful saplings of Jasmine, Hibiscus, Gardenia, oleander, Tulsi, Crape jasmine, Money plant, and many other beautiful show plants. Gift plants, Save earth

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Return gifts in davanagere Santosh and Champaka exchanged marriage vows and entered the new journey of together with the blessings of family, friends and relatives in KEB Samudaya Bhavan, Davangere. To thank guests for being part in their special moment, couple gave plants as return gifts in their marriage. There were beautiful saplings of Jasmine, oleander, crape jasmine, hibiscus, gardenia, khufiya, money plant and many more. Guests were happy with the unique return gifts. We wish couple a happy married life.

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Return gifts in marriage Shashank and Monisha's marriage ceremony was held in Kashmir Bhavan, Jaynagar, Bangalore. Couple began their new journey together with the blessings of family, friends and relatives. To honour guests, Shashank and Monisha gifted plants as return gift in their marriage.There were beautiful saplings jasmine, hibiscus, oleander, crape jasmine, alovera, money plant, Golden money plant and many more. Gift plants and save life.

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return gifts for marriage Yesterday Rahul and Anuradha got married. And do u know what's the special in the event? They gave flower saplings as return gifts. Plants of Jasmine, Hibiscus, Gardenia, kakada and kanakambara were give as tambula. Plants distribution was the highlight of the marriage and guests really liked the idea of gifting plants. Hope everyone follows this trend and support the fight against climate change.

return gifts for ladies Best return gift for ladies is plants, flower plants. Jasmine, hibiscus, gardenia, kakada.

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birthday return gifts for kids Mrs parvathy wanted some return gifts for her kid first birthday. She wanted which is not plastic and and which grows. Searched everywhere in majestic and online and couldn't find a correct gift. Later on she came to know about enviro friend through a friend that they provide flower plants as return gift. She visited the website and liked the idea of gifting small plants. She spoke to our representative over the phone and placed order for 50 jasmine plants. Stickers that are pasted on the carry boxes are customised and she gave all the details over watsap and it was ready through envirofried design team. Parvathys guests and friends appreciated her in choosing the right gift. Do like parvathy and help our planet gain it's old glory step by step.

wedding return gifts Flower saplings would make a perfect return gifts. Gift plants and make this world beautiful.