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Dasavala (Hibiscus) ದಾಸವಾಳ INR   0 INR  0

Dasavala (Hibiscus) ದಾಸವಾಳ

Dasavala (Hibiscus). ದಾಸವಾಳ Dasavala is the most common flowering plant you find in Karnataka. Its hard to find a garden without this plant. There are quite a lot of varieties (several Hundred species) of Dasavala and this flower is very much liked by Gods and Goddess (as told by mothers and priests). Dasavala comes in all colors except Black. Yet to find a plant having black colored flower like in Roses. This flower is National flower to Haiti, South Korea and Malaysia (from wikipedia) People love Dasavala plant while given as a Return gift or Tamboola. As this plant is a perennial and will be there at the guests garden for years and keeps the sweet memory of your event foever.



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