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Kanakambara (Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower) Kanakambara a popular flower in South India is a perennial flowering plant used in making flower garlands along with Jasmine flowers. In English it's called as Crossandra or Fire Cracker flower. Most of the household have this flower plant in their garden. Kanakambara plant which grows an average height of 3 to 4 feet bear flowers throughout the year. Some districts in middle Karnataka cultivate this flower especially in Davangere, Haveri, Chitradurga and Tumakuru. Though it might not bring big fortune to the farmers, a decent income is for sure. Varieties of Kanakambara Flower. There are 4 varieties of this flower cultivated in India. 1. Delhi Cultivar 2. Lutea Yellow 3. Orange. 4. Sebaculis Red Names for this flower in India. 1. English: Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower 2. Kannada: Kanakambara 3. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam: Kanakambaram 4. Marathi: Aboli 5. Hindi: Aboli, Priyadarsha 6. Oriya: Ittimola 7. Konkani: Ibbuli Kanakambara plant makes a perfect Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift. As the plant is a small perennial plant it always reminds your guests about the event. It gives flowers daily. And above all you make a very bold statement of nature conservation by gifting plants in your event.
Birthday gifts in Mangalore. Are you looking for birthday favors or birthday giveaways? What can be better than plants. Plants give us life. We are on this planet just because of plants. What are the benefits of giving plants? Your event will be remembered forever through the flowers, fruits and other products that plants give. By gifting plants you give a bold statement of nature conservation and avoiding plastics. If at least 50% of the plants survice, it would be a great contribution towards saving our envirnment. Saving environment is the urgent need of the hour. And environment is the most neglected aspect of our life. All the problems that we are facing today are just because of the neglected envirnment. Air pollution, water pollution and water shortage, erratic climate, global warming, climate change and a lot more. So all these issues can be tracked by planting more trees. And what other option than gifting plants in your event. And we don't plant trees everyday, so at least plant in your special event.
Mallige plant for birthday return gift Mallige flower is a beautiful white flower which grows all across Karnataka. The flower is fragrant and mostly used for garland making. Jasmine is also exported for perfume making. It gives flowers daily and make a perfect return gift for any function. People will remember you and your event through the flowers or jasmine. There are four types of mallige grown in Karnataka. Mysore mallige grown predominantly in the mysore region, Udupi mallige in the South canara region, and dundu mallige in hadagali or all parts of Karnataka. Mallige is providing livelihood for many farmers in Karnataka. So why gift other other articles, gift plants and by gifting plants u make a bold statement towards conserving nature and saving yourself.
Natural gifts for birthday. Gift eco friendly and natural gifts to your guests for your event. By gifting eco friendly gifts u make a bold statement in conserving envirnment. Gift plants and save our earth.
Mallige plant as marriage rerun gift. Marriage is a very special event in our lives. We spend a lot to make the event memorable and different. So type of return gift that you give is of huge importance. So how about gifting a Mallige or Jasmine plants. The fragrance and pleasant white color of Jasmine will keep reminding about your event. And above all you make a bold statement of saving nature through your marriage. We don't plant trees everyday, at least gift in your special occasions and if 50% of them survive it will be a great contribution to the planet earth.
Kanakambara plant as housewarming gifts. Kanakambara or Fire Cracker Flower is a well known flower in Karnataka. A small perennial flowering plant which gives light pink flowers is loved by all. Gift this plant as a return gift in your house warming ceremony and you put a bold statement in favor of nature in this world which is going against environment.
Marriage Tamboola in Bangalore provides life giving, everlasting marriage tamboola in Karnataka. It provides plants as marriage tambula. By gifting pants u make big statement in conserving this planet. We eat plants and breath plants but plats are under threat just because of us. So let's plant more plants at least under the pretext of our marriage, or birthday or any memorable event.
Plants as return gift in Bangalore Plants were given as return gifts in an engagement function in vijayanagar Bangalore. Saplings of Kufiya, red border, dasavala, mallige or jasmine, kanakambara or crossandra, and other flower plants are given. Guests were very happy by these unique gift. If latest 50% of the saplings survive, it makes a big statement towards greenery. So plz gift plants and save our planet.