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Shashtapoorthi shanthi return gifts. Shasthapoorthi is a an event celebrated when a man completes 60 years. 60 years is considered as half life in hindu culture. So what gift best suits this event. Plants would be a good choice. Gift plants and let ur event be remembered forever.
Christmas gift plants. What would be the ideal christmas gift for your guests. Let your guests plants a plant on this christmass so that we could celebrate the next and coming Christmases peacefully and healthily. Only planting trees would ensure a safer and healthier future. So gift a sapling for this christmass and be the change.
Happy Deepavali to all. Let's celebrate diwali with Diyas and avoid Crackers.
Aamantran Party Hall, Indiranagar gets Plants as Party favors for a Birthday Function. First birthday of a child are always special for a couple. Their bundle of joy turning one year needs to be celebrated and cherished. One such birthday party was organised at Aamantran Party hall on Indiranagar. Around 100 guests were invited and they were surprised with are when they saw flowering plants kept at the event. They realised quickly that these plants are for the guest and are the return Gifts. The guests were surprised because not often u see plants as return gifts at the events. So they expressed gratitude for the event organisers and Aamantran Party hall for keeping plants as return gift. 9 different varieties of plants were kept at the event and people choosed the variety want. Plants kept were Rose, hibiscus, crape Jasmine, mallige, mysoru mallige dundu mallige, money plant. Gifting plants at the event gives a good message to the society and helps in protecting our Planet.
Poojya's first Birthday gifts Poojya's first Birthday was celebrated by giving saplings as return gift. The event was held at New Shanti Sagar hotel. 6 different varieties of plants kept at the event and guest took the plants they wanted. Gifting plants is the best way to thank our nature. Our nature too needs care and protection. So gift plants and save our planet.