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Return gifts in cradle ceremony Children are the God gift to parents.Parenting is a bless. We celebrate the occasion of being parents.we welcome our baby to this world with many celebrations and rituals.Especially in India, we pierce the ears of baby , put the baby in cradle, give a beautiful name to baby in presence of family, friends and relatives. Our couple Akshata and Rakshak were excited to name their baby and for cradle ceremony in Bangalore. To share the joy and thank the guests, they gave plants as return gifts.There were plants of crape Jasmine, oleander, hibiscus, jasmine, money plants and many more. Guests were delighted with the special return gifts and appreciated the initiative taken by young couple. We are facing the impact of deforestation , flooding, land slides, and irregular raining, global warming.The only solution to all these problems are planting tress. "Go Green , Save Earth" is what we have to do.Otherwise, we know, Our nature repays for whatever we are doing. Envirofriend thanks the couple for their contribution to save environment.