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Kanakambara (Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower) Kanakambara a popular flower in South India is a perennial flowering plant used in making flower garlands along with Jasmine flowers. In English it's called as Crossandra or Fire Cracker flower. Most of the household have this flower plant in their garden. Kanakambara plant which grows an average height of 3 to 4 feet bear flowers throughout the year. Some districts in middle Karnataka cultivate this flower especially in Davangere, Haveri, Chitradurga and Tumakuru. Though it might not bring big fortune to the farmers, a decent income is for sure. Varieties of Kanakambara Flower. There are 4 varieties of this flower cultivated in India. 1. Delhi Cultivar 2. Lutea Yellow 3. Orange. 4. Sebaculis Red Names for this flower in India. 1. English: Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower 2. Kannada: Kanakambara 3. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam: Kanakambaram 4. Marathi: Aboli 5. Hindi: Aboli, Priyadarsha 6. Oriya: Ittimola 7. Konkani: Ibbuli Kanakambara plant makes a perfect Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift. As the plant is a small perennial plant it always reminds your guests about the event. It gives flowers daily. And above all you make a very bold statement of nature conservation by gifting plants in your event.
Jasmine Plants as Return Gift. Jasmine plant is a creeper and can grow well in the city environment where space is well less. This plant can be grown along the France or wall of the house. We have two varieties of Jasmine plant, Mysore Mallige and dundu mallige. Both are aromatic varieties. So gifting Jasmine is a great idea and it keeps the memory of the event fresh in the guests. People always get the aromatic flowers and they remember u and ur event daily. Plants as the return Gift is a noble gift that no other gift can match this. Gift plants and save our planet.
Plants as Return Gift Plants available Dasavala or Hibiscus, Crape Jasmine or Nandi Batlu, Kanakambara or Crossandra, Bougainvillae, champaka or Sampige, Money plant, Bilva patre or Bilva, wood Apple or bellada hannu, jamun, Yellow Elder or Tacoma Stans, Aloe Vera, Cannon Ball Tree or Nagalinga Pushpa, Sevanthige or chrysanthemum, Jasmine or Mallige ( Mysore Mallige and Dundu Mallige) Seebe Kai or Guava, Silver Oak, Teak, Bamboo, Banni mara, Kanagalu or Yellow Oleander or Arali, Red Sanders or Raktachandana, Scandal wood or Chandana, Melia Dubia or Hebbevu, Kufiya, Nalli kayi, Indian Gooseberry, Tulasi, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Show plants, Verbena. And counting..
Maduve tamboola its a tradition to give maduve tamboola in all the marriages. Various items like coconut, clothe, utensils, fruits and flowers are given as maduve Tamboola. What if plants are given as maduve tamboola? Yes it's a fantastic idea. Plants give fruits, flowers and other benefits to the receiver. So give plants and save our environment.
Marriage tamboola in davangere. Are you looking for Return Gift or Marriage tamboola in Davangere. Give plants as Marriage Tamboola. Plants give Flowers, Fruits, Shade and timber. So it's useful for the guests in one or the other ways. And above all it's Nature Friendly. So give plants and save our environment. Enviro friend is the only company in Karnataka which provides plants as marriage tamboola or return gift. And it delivers and distributed all across Karnataka.
Gift plants in your birthday What are you planning for birthday? Want to do any special? How is it to plant a tree in your birthday? And giving plants as return gift? So gift plants and save our planet. Your plant will grow and give Flowers, fruits and shade. No other gift will ever replace this.
Plants as Return Gift Benefits of giving plants as Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift. 1. Highly environment friendly. Plants conserve environment unlike any other return gift. 2. People will never forget your event. The plant u have given will make them remember it. 3. Guests will keep on enjoying the Fruits of the gift, May be in the form of flowers it give or fruits or on the form.of shade and in the long run through timber. 4. As it's your initiative, indirectly u will be responsible for removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere and help in combating climate change. 5. You will be centre of appreciation in the event. So if we list our the benefits, it goes on. And moreover it's a life giving gift. No other gift will ever replace this.
Fruits of return gift in Davangere. Passion Fruit. This is the picture of fruits produced by a passion fruit vine which is received as a return gift in an event. So this home in Davangere always remembers the return Gift provider through the Fruits and flowers of this plant. So want to contribute something to the nature? Gift plants in your event.
Looking for a Birthday gift in Bangalore? Hi, are u looking for a return gift your birthday? Then plants should be the best gift you could ever give to your guests. Gift plants and save our planet. Your remembrance grows along with the plant. Give plant and let them enjoy the Fruits of those plants. Plants gives flowers, fruits and timber and ur event will be remembered forever. Enviro friend company delivers plants all across Karnataka.