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Kanakambara (Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower) Kanakambara a popular flower in South India is a perennial flowering plant used in making flower garlands along with Jasmine flowers. In English it's called as Crossandra or Fire Cracker flower. Most of the household have this flower plant in their garden. Kanakambara plant which grows an average height of 3 to 4 feet bear flowers throughout the year. Some districts in middle Karnataka cultivate this flower especially in Davangere, Haveri, Chitradurga and Tumakuru. Though it might not bring big fortune to the farmers, a decent income is for sure. Varieties of Kanakambara Flower. There are 4 varieties of this flower cultivated in India. 1. Delhi Cultivar 2. Lutea Yellow 3. Orange. 4. Sebaculis Red Names for this flower in India. 1. English: Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower 2. Kannada: Kanakambara 3. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam: Kanakambaram 4. Marathi: Aboli 5. Hindi: Aboli, Priyadarsha 6. Oriya: Ittimola 7. Konkani: Ibbuli Kanakambara plant makes a perfect Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift. As the plant is a small perennial plant it always reminds your guests about the event. It gives flowers daily. And above all you make a very bold statement of nature conservation by gifting plants in your event.
Birthday gifts in Mangalore. Are you looking for birthday favors or birthday giveaways? What can be better than plants. Plants give us life. We are on this planet just because of plants. What are the benefits of giving plants? Your event will be remembered forever through the flowers, fruits and other products that plants give. By gifting plants you give a bold statement of nature conservation and avoiding plastics. If at least 50% of the plants survice, it would be a great contribution towards saving our envirnment. Saving environment is the urgent need of the hour. And environment is the most neglected aspect of our life. All the problems that we are facing today are just because of the neglected envirnment. Air pollution, water pollution and water shortage, erratic climate, global warming, climate change and a lot more. So all these issues can be tracked by planting more trees. And what other option than gifting plants in your event. And we don't plant trees everyday, so at least plant in your special event.
Birthday gifts in bangalore. If you are planning your birthday and want it to be different and nature friendly, then you are at the right place. You spend lot of money on venue, food and gifts. Have you ever considered saving environment on your birthday? Yes now you can gift plants to your guests for very low price. You can't get at such a low price anywhere. If at least half of the plants survive and make it to the adulthood, it will be a great contribution to the nature. Just think if everyone does this and what would be the impact it creates. We might bring back the lost green cover back in a decade. We are a strength of 8 billion people and we do parties and gettogethers daily and spend lot of money. If we spend at least 10% of the event money on green gifts, it's enough. Now the time has come to give back to nature, mother earth has given us all these we have and she is in danger. Show her you care by caring for her trees. Plant a tree and watch it grow. Gift plants and save yourself.
I m concerned about environment, but how can I contribute for the betterment of it. It's simple. Provide plants as return gift in any of your event. You might be celebrating many events in your life. In those events consider plants as the return gift or giveaways. You would be contributing a lot to the nature of at least half the plants survive and become big. By gifting plants you will move away from plastic items and give life giving gift to the nature. You will break the stereotype of gifting plastic items and move towards a greener future. Gift plants and save yourself.
Fruits of return gift in Davangere. Passion Fruit. This is the picture of fruits produced by a passion fruit vine which is received as a return gift in an event. So this home in Davangere always remembers the return Gift provider through the Fruits and flowers of this plant. So want to contribute something to the nature? Gift plants in your event.
Marriage tamboola in davangere. Are you looking for Return Gift or Marriage tamboola in Davangere. Give plants as Marriage Tamboola. Plants give Flowers, Fruits, Shade and timber. So it's useful for the guests in one or the other ways. And above all it's Nature Friendly. So give plants and save our environment. Enviro friend is the only company in Karnataka which provides plants as marriage tamboola or return gift. And it delivers and distributed all across Karnataka.
Wedding giveaways in bangalore. A wedding won't be complete without good wedding giveaways in a perfect marriage. Wedding giveaways remind the guests of the event for days to come. People give lot of things like coconut, cloth, fruits and other household items. This is a practice done from the centuries. As time passed the things in the giveaways changed according to the time. Now, in this generation, what is most important is the environment. Our environment needs to be protected from global warming and climate change. And what is the best thing we can do it. Planting trees and more of it is the only thing that we can do to reverse the climate change. And we dont plant trees everyday and doing it on the wedding function is the best possible gift that we give to the nature. Gifting plants give a very good message to the society and the people who gather at the function. This practice might start a trend and more and more people might take up this practice in their events. So consider saplings in your event. Let it be marriage, house warming ceremony, birthday, wedding anniversay, any corporate event, or any event where return gift or giveaways are involded. Because plants are the only things which absorb heat trapping gas carbon dioxide. And plants give us fruits, vegetables, flowers. And we can't imagine our life without plants. Yet they are the most neglected creatures on this planet. Because Thu don't have voice and votes. We only realise when their absense alter our own existence on this planet. So just think when we start feeling the low oxygen level in our atmosphere and everyone needs to be putting a oxygen cylinder in their back. It will be ridiculous. So let your event be the vehicle of change, change for the society and our own existence. Change for good. Gift plants and save our environment and our self.
Engagement gifts in Bangalore Are you getting engaged? what gift you are planning for your guests. When you search online or the gift shops in Bangalore what you find is Plastic gifts, steel items, cloth items and other fancy gift items. Have you thought of any other gift other than these usual gift materials? This gift gives life to our planet and maintains balance. It grows everyday and support you by giving the air you breathe. It gives you food in the form of fruits and vegetables. and only because of these we are alive on this planet. So what is it. Its plants. Plants give us everything we need and we are living on this planet because plants are living. gift plants to the guest in your engagement function and contribute something for the nature. Our nature is too damaged and its getting to the point where repairing would cost us huge and might not get repaired. The time to act is now else we will not have any time left to do anything. whatever worst happening to our planet is just beause of reduction of plants. so contribute for planting more trees.
Forest Martyrs Day. 10 September. Conservation of forest is the utmost priority today and many conservators have been martyred in doing so. So as a respect in honouring all the martyrs 10th September is observed as forest martyrs day. Forest Martyrs Day is also in memory of Indian forest Service officer Srinivas Pandillapalli who was brutally killed by Veerappan.