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Nandi batlu or crape Jasmine plants which I planted for my birthday is flowering. Excited to see the plant flowering. We don't plant trees everyday, at least plant on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and for the days to remember. Plant trees and save our Planet.
Babyshower gift or Baby Shower return gift. what would be the best return gift for the babyshower? while searching the internet u will find lot of companies selling lot of things. Most of them would be plastic items and gifting them would pollute the environment and it wont bring much impact on the guests. so what would be the best babayshower return gift. Plants would be a great choice. Gifting plants is not a trend and you will start it and help in saving our garden city. Palnts can be given in almost all the events, maybe inn birthdays, housewarming ceremonies, marriages and all. like we dont plant trees everyday and atleast planting them onn special occasions make some difference. if atleast 50% of the saplings survive and become big, it would be a big contributions to our planet.
Gifting plants for marriage Gifting plants for marriage is a very good deed. Gift plants and save environment. U can also gift plants in any occasion.
Why people give return gifts in any event. An event is a special occasion where all the well wishers gather and serve the purpose of the event. An event is nothing without relatives, friends and well wishers. The event is organised for them. So as a gesture to thank them for attending and serving the purpose of event, hosts gift the attendees something special. The return gift could be anything which is useful and makes them happy. People give anything to everything as rerun gift, ranging from Pen to Cars. So that with those items the memory of the event would be intact. So it's always good to give return gifts which benefits all and relevant to the present condition. Like gifting Pen and Diary would be irrelevant in the current times as the young population hardly show any interest in them. So how about gifting something which benefits all the creatures on this planet. It's gifting a living thing to save all the living things. So in the present times of Global Warming and Climate Change gifting plants would make a perfect sense. Everybody realise that growing more plants and reducing dependence on the fossil fuel are the only means through which we can combat climate change and bring back our Earth to the normal and favourable conditions. It would be a big contribution to the environment if at least 50% of the plants make to the adulthood. So think before you start choosing for right return gift for your future event. Choose plant and be wise.
Plant nursery in Bangalore. Enviro Friend Devanagari will supply plants for your marriage or any occasion as return gift.
Mallige plant as marriage rerun gift. Marriage is a very special event in our lives. We spend a lot to make the event memorable and different. So type of return gift that you give is of huge importance. So how about gifting a Mallige or Jasmine plants. The fragrance and pleasant white color of Jasmine will keep reminding about your event. And above all you make a bold statement of saving nature through your marriage. We don't plant trees everyday, at least gift in your special occasions and if 50% of them survive it will be a great contribution to the planet earth.
Plants as gifts in bengaluru. Bangalore is called garden city and to keep it that way we need to plant trees and by gifting in any occasion. So that the heritage of bangalore would be intact. Gift plants and save bangalore.
Plants as Return Gift or Marriage Giveaways. Plants should not be given to all like coconut or any other return gift. Different varieties of saplings should be kept at the event and guest have to pick the plant they want, this way wastage would be avoided. We don't plant Saplings everyday. At least do it on your special occasions. It would be a great contribution to the environment if at least 50% of the plants survive. Planting trees is the easiest and safest way to bring down the heat trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plant trees and save yourself.
birthday return gifts under rs 50 Enviro friend offers eco friendly return gifts under Rs 50. Plants are the need of the hour. Plants are the cheapest and safest way to bring down carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And remember we dont plant trees or saplings everyday. At least we do on our special occasions.