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Saplings for marriage. What to gift saplings for the guests? Then you are at the right place. Gifting saplings to the guests in any event is a great idea. By gifting saplings you save yourself by saving our Planet. We don't an extra planet to shift to so save this by planting more trees.
Maduve tambula in Karnataka. offers plants as maduve tambula. They deliver and distribute all across Karnataka. More than 20 varieties of plants are available with them. And plants or saplings should not be given to all, only interested guests should choose the saplings of their choice, this way chances of survival of the plants become more. If given to all just like any other tambula, like coconut or beetel nuts and leaves, they might not get planted and survive. Only people who have respect and need for the plants will put them in soil and nurture. Different species of plants available with enviro Friend are Dasavala or Hibiscus, mallige or jasmine . Chrysanthemum or Sevantige, kanakambara or crossandra, or Fire Cracker Flower, nandi batlu or crape jasmine, alovera , paper flower or baugenville, guava or parale hannu, nugge gida, or moringa, nagalinga pushpa, sampige or champaka, neem or bevu, coffee, silver oak, teak, raktachandana. So instead of giving something plz give plants or saplings in your event or Marriage. This way u give a good message to the society and it keeps our Planet healthy.
Plants as return gift in Bangalore Plants were given as return gifts in an engagement function in vijayanagar Bangalore. Saplings of Kufiya, red border, dasavala, mallige or jasmine, kanakambara or crossandra, and other flower plants are given. Guests were very happy by these unique gift. If latest 50% of the saplings survive, it makes a big statement towards greenery. So plz gift plants and save our planet.
Gruhapravesha or house warming ceremony in Davangere. Saplings were given as return gift at a house warming ceremony in Davangere. Guests were very happy to receive the plants as return gift. Plants given were Chrysanthemum or Sevantige, kufiya, dundu Mallige, mysore mallige, kakada, tulasi, alovera or lolesara, kanakambara or Fire Cracker Flower, money plant, nagalinga pushpa or cannon ball tree. Bilva patre. It's very good that people are coming forward with saplings in mind for return gift. It raises awareness on climate change and Global Warming. Planting trees is the easiest and safest way to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide which is responsible for global warming and climate change. So plant trees and save our Planet.
Party giveaways Are you planning a party or get together? What r u planning as giveaways? Consider saplings. Plants are the best party giveaways or return gifts you can choose. No other gift will ever match this. People remember your event forever and it's good for the environment. So consider plants as party giveaways and save our Planet.
Naming ceremony at Dr Rajkumar Road, Bangalore. Saplings were given as return gift to the guests at a naming ceremony in bangalore. Plants were kept at the event and interested guests took the plants of their choice. Plants given are Money Plant, Kufiya, Kanamambara, Sevantige and aloe Vera. Guests were surprised and very happy to see this unusual gift at the venue. Plant trees and save our mother earth.
Birthday gifts in bangalore. Finding the right birthday gift for your event is very important. There are a big number of companies and shops that provide birthday gifts. But the gift that suits the present trend and unique is difficult to find. We at enviro friend make your event memorable and environment friendly by provide saplings as birthday return gifts. People Cherish your birthday event for years to come as the plant that you gave to them will remind about your event in the form of flowers, fruits, shade and joy that it gives. So what would u consider the greatest gift of all? It's the life giving plants. Don't waste your money In giving plastic and other items. They loose their value and are a threat to the environment. Give plants as Return Gift and let ur event be remembered forever. Gift plants and save our Planet.
Wedding giveaways in bangalore. A wedding won't be complete without good wedding giveaways in a perfect marriage. Wedding giveaways remind the guests of the event for days to come. People give lot of things like coconut, cloth, fruits and other household items. This is a practice done from the centuries. As time passed the things in the giveaways changed according to the time. Now, in this generation, what is most important is the environment. Our environment needs to be protected from global warming and climate change. And what is the best thing we can do it. Planting trees and more of it is the only thing that we can do to reverse the climate change. And we dont plant trees everyday and doing it on the wedding function is the best possible gift that we give to the nature. Gifting plants give a very good message to the society and the people who gather at the function. This practice might start a trend and more and more people might take up this practice in their events. So consider saplings in your event. Let it be marriage, house warming ceremony, birthday, wedding anniversay, any corporate event, or any event where return gift or giveaways are involded. Because plants are the only things which absorb heat trapping gas carbon dioxide. And plants give us fruits, vegetables, flowers. And we can't imagine our life without plants. Yet they are the most neglected creatures on this planet. Because Thu don't have voice and votes. We only realise when their absense alter our own existence on this planet. So just think when we start feeling the low oxygen level in our atmosphere and everyone needs to be putting a oxygen cylinder in their back. It will be ridiculous. So let your event be the vehicle of change, change for the society and our own existence. Change for good. Gift plants and save our environment and our self.
Birthday gifts in davangere. Saplings will be the best gift that you can give to your guests. If u want to do better for your environment then gifting plants is the best choice. Plants available are bilva patre, Naga pushpa, sampige, mallige, paper hoo, money plant, honagone soppu, karibevu, neem, nimbu, silver oak, tega, teak, guava, parable hannu, sibe kayi, bamboo, amrutha balli, adike, coffee, nandi batlu, dasavala, kufiya, parijata. So gift plants and save yourself.