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Gift plants in your birthday What are you planning for birthday? Want to do any special? How is it to plant a tree in your birthday? And giving plants as return gift? So gift plants and save our planet. Your plant will grow and give Flowers, fruits and shade. No other gift will ever replace this.
Don't let Tigers Disappear. It's estimated less than 4000 tigers left in the wild. So today is World Tigers Day, it's good that we have release assigned a day for other. But does it really matter? Yes at least we spare some time and thinking and browsing about tiger. For the sake of this majestic animal plz browse and invest your data and battery power to learn about it's story towards extinction. We Idiots are responsible for it's fate and we must not ignore that we are also in that list of extinction. #tigersday
Plants as Return Gift in a Birthday at Bangalore Plants were given as rerun gift to the guests in an event at Nagarbavi in Bangalore. Six species of tree varieties were given, Champaka or Sampige, wood Apple or Bellada hannu, halasu or Jack fruit, Cannon Ball Tree or Nagalinga Pushpa, curry leaves or Kari bavu, and neem. Parents of the birthday girl insisted in providing only tree species as they want to give something to the envirnment. These plants will grow into big trees and store carbon dioxide in them and in turn reduce global warming and climate change.
Looking for a Birthday gift in Bangalore? Hi, are u looking for a return gift your birthday? Then plants should be the best gift you could ever give to your guests. Gift plants and save our planet. Your remembrance grows along with the plant. Give plant and let them enjoy the Fruits of those plants. Plants gives flowers, fruits and timber and ur event will be remembered forever. Enviro friend company delivers plants all across Karnataka.
Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift in Tumkur Are you looking for return favors four event? Then plants serve as the best solution. Gifting plants keeps the memory of your event forever in the minds of guests. Again it will be a great contribution to the environment and society. The plants you give in your marriage or birthday or house warming ceremony one day gives fruits, flowers and timber and shade. So choose plants as return gift and order them from enviro friend.
Marriage Tamboola in Bangalore provides life giving, everlasting marriage tamboola in Karnataka. It provides plants as marriage tambula. By gifting pants u make big statement in conserving this planet. We eat plants and breath plants but plats are under threat just because of us. So let's plant more plants at least under the pretext of our marriage, or birthday or any memorable event.
Natural way to ward off Mosquitoes. Do you know this? Neem Oil is a very effective tool to Keep mosquitoes out of your home? Yes it works, 100%. Try it to believe it. We came to know about this in an article published online and out of curious to know how much really it is effective, we bought it from a general.medical store. The usage is quite simple. Just soak some drop of Neem Oil in little bit of cotton and keep it in your home hall. I bet you, u hardly see any mosquitoes there. If kept in all the rooms your house will be mosquito free. Plz try this today and share the result here. So where can you buy this Neem Oil. You can do it online or in any general medical or ayurvedic stores. So use Neem Oil and stay away from those chemical repellents. And above all it's 100% natural.
Kanakambara (Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower) Kanakambara a popular flower in South India is a perennial flowering plant used in making flower garlands along with Jasmine flowers. In English it's called as Crossandra or Fire Cracker flower. Most of the household have this flower plant in their garden. Kanakambara plant which grows an average height of 3 to 4 feet bear flowers throughout the year. Some districts in middle Karnataka cultivate this flower especially in Davangere, Haveri, Chitradurga and Tumakuru. Though it might not bring big fortune to the farmers, a decent income is for sure. Varieties of Kanakambara Flower. There are 4 varieties of this flower cultivated in India. 1. Delhi Cultivar 2. Lutea Yellow 3. Orange. 4. Sebaculis Red Names for this flower in India. 1. English: Crossandra, Fire Cracker Flower 2. Kannada: Kanakambara 3. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam: Kanakambaram 4. Marathi: Aboli 5. Hindi: Aboli, Priyadarsha 6. Oriya: Ittimola 7. Konkani: Ibbuli Kanakambara plant makes a perfect Marriage Tamboola or Return Gift. As the plant is a small perennial plant it always reminds your guests about the event. It gives flowers daily. And above all you make a very bold statement of nature conservation by gifting plants in your event.
Return Gifts in Bengaluru. Are you looking for a unique return gifts in bengaluru? Enviro friend is the right choice for you. Enviro friend orders plants as the return gifts. In today's world of global warming and climate change plants suits best as a marriage tamboola or return gift. Gift plants and save our planet.